About Us

'Santhigiri Rehabilitation Institute, Vazhithala, Thodupuzha' is a non-profit organization working for the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Kerala State since 1988. Santhigiri was founded from the consciousness that the disabled persons are the most neglected group in the Indian society. Our major thrust is rehabilitation, vocational training, supplementary education, enabling other organizations, pre-employment training, placement services, etc

The CMI Fathers of Carmel Province Muvattupuzha established Santhigiri Rehabilitation Institute (SRI) in 1988 at Vazhithala, Idukki District, of Kerala State. The major target group of the SRI is to ensure equal opportunities to the persons with disabilities. SRI has a great track record in the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. SRI was registered under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act of 1955 on 16th December 1992. CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) project was started in 1992. Presently we are implementing CBR projects in 13 panchayaths and we have 121 SHGs and more than 92 self employment programmes in this project area. Santhigiri Vocational Training Institute was started in 1993. A marriage Bureau and an Employment Exchange for the persons with disabilities was started in 2001. Forum for the Disabled Persons- a State level organization was started under the initiative and chairmanship of Fr. Paul Parakkattel CMI, Director of Santhigiri Rehabilitation Institute. Several projects like NORAD Scheme (Computer course for women) Low Cost Latrine Construction (100 nos.), Barrier free housing project, Employment and Guidance Project for the poor, Vacation Moral School for the village children, Non-Formal Computer Training for poor girls, Awareness Generation Programme for Village Women, and Condensed Course for SSLC failed women candidates etc. were conducted during the last years. Santhigiri promotes barrier free environment creation.

SANTHIGIRI MARRIAGE BUREAU : This is a unique initiative Santhigiri. In these matrimonial data bank established in 1991, persons with disabilities and other persons who wish to have a disabled partner can register their names. This is totally free. Many PWDs from various parts of the state registered in our marriage bureau. We wish, you will soon get your match at this site. Find thousands of profiles of Kerala Brides and Grooms with disabilities from around the world. We are providing marriage connections among Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) on volunteer basis. This marriage bureau is non-profitable and absolutely free for special persons looking for their better half. Our aim to share happiness and love among (PWDs) is truly based on humanitarian grounds regardless to race, gender, religion or status.

MUKHAMUKHAM 2013 : Marriages with and among people with disabilities is considered a taboo due to social pressures and prejudice. We implemented ‘Mukhamukham-2013’ a program to bring an end to this issue and attempts to solve the age-old issue of stigma and stereotype associated with the marriage of persons with disabilities. By providing possible marriage opportunities, we are in a mission to serve the deserving class of the society and the most ignored issue of PWDs - the marriage. Mukhamukham was a pre-marriage meet for the PWDs in Kerala. It was held on April 6th, 2013 at the Santhigiri college Auditorium. More than 100 candidates from all over the state participated in the event. Marriage of PWDs is always a social issue. This is the first ever program of its kind. About 300 people were present to witness this unique event. The participants belonged to the three religions (Hindu, Christian, Muslim), and all disabled classes. Cine Artist Priyanka inaugurated the event. Fr. Paul Parakattel offered one pavan gold chain to those who get married through this programme. 7 marriages were fixed at the event and many others are in discussion. All press and visual media covered the event.